Get Off the Resource Rollercoaster

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Overwhelmed with work?

Freelancers can be hard to pin down and, even worse, unreliable. Tempee provides on-demand resources who are ready to jump on your project, today.

Agency talent sitting idle?

Waiting to hear back from a client? Did a project get put on hold? With Tempee, convert your team's downtime into billable time by matching them with other agencies in need of your spare resources.

How Tempee works

Tempee gives agencies direct access to each other's talent, because when more of us are busy, everyone wins. You're just a few steps away from getting started.

  1. Submit application

    Registration is simple, but you gotta be approved. We vet all agencies so you can rest assured that everyone on the Tempee platform will deliver quality work.

  2. Create a listing

    Whether you have employees twiddling their thumbs, or need A-list talent to staff up a project, Tempee makes it easy to create a listing and find a match.

  3. Build your dream team

    Agencies can express their interest in a listing, then message each other on our secure platform. Productive partnerships await!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tempee allows you to tap into the very best agency talent. And rather than hire an individual, you're hiring a company. Our hope is that it will result in higher-quality work on a more reliable schedule.

We understand that agencies are going through difficult times. Therefore, we're opening up our platform at NO COST to help support our member agencies. It's the least we can do.

We use a range of criteria, including a review of your agency website and client work. In addition, we use publically available ratings from sources such as, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Finally, we reserve the option to check references provided by you during the application process. Please note, we also constantly monitor member agencies in the Tempee network to ensure they deliver only the best quality work.

Yes, Tempee is an agency-only network.